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As we are driving on a long roadtrip, Baba Longbeard sincerely makes an effort to hold my hand as much as possible.

I actually don’t even think about it much.  He puts his hand forward, and I place my hand in his.  That’s as much PDA as I can get from him.

However, the latter half of the roadtrip, Baba Longbeard kept both hands on the wheel.  It had become second nature for me to do things with only my right hand while I held his hand with my left.  I finally noticed this change in behavior when I could blow my nose with both hands.

Wait a minute.  Why is he not holding my hand anymore?

Oh. Right.  His sister was in the car now.  Baba Longbeard chooses to  keep his distance from me if anyone is around.  That’s always bothered me.  And it’s always been a bit of a joke between us.  He claims that I am all about the public display of affection but in private I’m a snoozeball.  I choose to disagree. 

Anyways getting back to my point.  🙂  It always gets to me that he chooses not to associate with me in public.  I don’t know why but it does.  However, I get it and I respect Baba Longbeard’s wishes.

Even when we take pictures we stand a good few inches apart.  That’s just our thing.  Baba Longbeard doesn’t see the need to show others how much we mean to each other.  We are not a “show” he says.  It’s us and he wants to keep us private.  Often times couples are too busy trying to look lovey dovey in front of others and behind closed doors they can’t stand each other.

Alright alright.  Here’s my advice for today.  Respect your husband’s wishes and if he is not big on PDA, then deal with it.  Hey, I do it.


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